Off The Field Issues #7 – Darren Sharper [update] Barry Bennell, Penn State and more…

A quick look at the crimes committed by ex-NFL player Darren Sharper, Football coach Barry Bennell and others…


Off The Field Issues #6 – Texas Rangers, Johnny Manziel, Penn State and more…

This week we are taking a quick look at some of the more disturbing and puzzling recent crimes in sports.


Texas Rangers

Johnny Manziel

Jonnu Smith

Nate Holley

Dietrich Canterberry

Jeury Familia



Darren Sharper – A Monster On And Off The Field

Darren Sharper was revered  on and off the field until police finally connected him to a series of brutal sexual assaults…


Off The Field Issues #4 – Derrick Rose, Tyson Gay, Chris Leak and more

A quick look at the crimes and cases involving Derrick Rose, Tyson Gay, Chris Leak and others in the news.


Kiante Enis

Tim Williams


Derrick Rose\

Chris Leak

Darren Collison

Tyson Gay

Off The Field Issues #3 – Bruce Miller, Ryan Lochte, Lawrence Taylor and more

A quick look at the cases involving Bruce Miller, Ryan Lochte and other crimes in the news recently.


Bruce Miller



Lawrence Taylor



Ezekiel Elliott



Ryan Lochte



Tre Mason

Off The Field Issues #2 – Brock Turner, Oscar Pistorius and more

Updates on cases involving Oscar Pistorius, Antonio Armstrong, David Becker, Brock Turner and other crimes in the news recently.


Antonio Armstrong

Kyle Kraska

Oscar Pistorius

Osa Masina

David Becker

Brock Turner